Every restaurant that we are proud of within the Ashibigroup network uses premium grade ingredients. To the best taste for our customers.

Presenting delicious Japanese food From experienced chefs. To provide a premium Japanese buffet. It also offers Japanese a la carte to choose from several lists.

We selected premium wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is soft, not sticky, beautiful fat pattern. With a special sauce from us at an affordable price.

We present authentic Japanese food. From our intention Created by our experienced chef. That cooks from premium grade raw materials Direct from Japan

Delicious Japanese restaurant Luxurious atmosphere And bakery shops and coffee that offer delicious bakery menus Hokkaido special recipe.

Our Menu

We select fresh, clean ingredients for the best food taste for our customers.


With over 10 years of experience in Japanese food planning, Ashibigroup we intend to offer a variety of Japanese food menus. Authentic taste From premium grade raw materials, imported directly from Japan at an affordable price.
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